• The real Ice Cream which is made from REAL MILK unlike what big brands sell which are made from Vegetable Oil.

  • Delicious! Silky Ice Cream is made out of quality materials. We love to see you smile when you eat Silky Ice Creams.

Welcome to Silky Ice Cream


Our year and years of experience and long history of excellence in quality and commitment to customer service has made us evolve into pioneers of innovation in the Ice Cream indusrty.


Top quality is achieved with the thorough optimization that includes structure revision and taking into consideration the customers wants and needs to make good and delicious Ice Creams that are good to relish.

Catering Supply

Powerful functionality is a key solution for the greatest flexibility to suit multiple needs of any event let it be a birthday party, social gathering or the joyous occasion of marraige. We deliver the best.

Real Ice Cream

Many leading brands are selling frozen deserts which are made from vegetable oils and not milk or milk based products. Beware of fancy names and look if they have mentioned Ice Cream. Ice Cream should be mentioned if it is the real thing.